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Clayton Hall - Wash house

Washing and ironing, the way great, great, great grandma would have done it.



This iron is really heavy.

It was full of rubbish, fallen plaster and part of the ceiling
was rain water damaged but with a day of hard work
and lots and lots of dust and dirt, we took the
first steps in the last room to be made ready. 

Kay took down the damaged piece of ceiling

All the loose plaster had to be taken down, a very dirty job.

Once all the plaster was removed, we were
thrilled to reveal the line of the original fireplace

Pauline and Kay repaired the plaster.

Another new skill girls, fantastic.

30.01.10.  At last we are back at work

Walls and ceilings are now white washed

Kay with the fireplace she discovered and renovated.
 It's almost finished, what a fantastic job Kay,
Well done


Pauline cleaning off the tools at
the end of another busy day,
at least we were warm, thanks to John.

We're almost there and the fireplace is looking fantastic.

Half term Monday morning and Ryan arrives with his
friend to transform a load of bricks into the housing
for our water boiler.

Just some pointing needed before the
water boiler can be fixed into place


Pauline gave our rusty old mangle a smart new coat of paint

Nearly finished, we opened the room to the public
on the 20th February.  

Alma looked after this room during our open afternoon.

Nose back to the grindstone next week, for the final push.
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