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Welcome to our scrapbook page


Why not come and join our Quilt Club, above, the next
get together is on Sunday 26th July at 1pm, all welcome.







Our new friends from Wythenshawe Hall came to visit today and we had a really nice afternoon exchanging ideas.  
There was lots of chat, plenty of laughs and as usual as Clayton Hall, pots of tea.
Can't think of a better way to spend a dark, wet afternoon.






6th July 2013

Clayton Hall Garden Party, 15th June, 2013


The weekend is over and it is the end of  
Scout Community week

and what a week!  Clayton Hall moat is looking fantastic thanks to Sharon Bowles who brought
together the 2/230th Manchester scout group and McDonalds staff.  Both groups have worked
tirelessly to clear years leaf mold and weeds which covered the bottom of the moat.

We never expected to get all the way round in the time but we also never expected to get as far as we did.

A huge thank you to Sharon and everyone involved,
its been a real priviledge to work with you all.
We look forward to your return in a few weeks time to continue the work.


Scouts Dillon and Brook above centre, bottom row, our stars of the week.  They didn't miss a session. 
As you can see, today they were excused uniform.   Well done boys, everyone is so proud of you.


And in the Moat the work continues with the help of McDonalds staff.
All week McDonalds have generously provided refreshments for the Scouts.

June 2013 and the Big Moat Clean up has begun.

Tonight it was the Scouts from 2/230th Manchester Scout group 
and what a great job they did.  Tomorrow night the cubs are coming
and on Thursday the Beavers then you are all invited to join the
young people on Saturday and Sunday for the final push.  
All three groups will be working from 10am till 4pm both days.  
Please come along and support these amazing young people. 


4th June - Step two - the Cubs


18th May 2013 saw another really nice open afternoon with lots of new visitors.
Children dressing up and keeping busy, adults reminiscing, what more could we ask.
Thank you all for coming, we hope to see you again soon.


Week commencing 3rd June is Scouting Community week and this year the boys and girls from the
2/230th Manchester troupe will be taking on the task of scraping the bottom of Clayton Hall moat.  
This will be just the first phase of our moat restoration plan.  It will be a long process and in order
to get the specialist advice on what needs to be done to reinstate the moat we have to clear
away all the dead leaves etc that cover the bottom. 
 This is where the young people come in, they will be working Monday, Tuesday and Thursday evenings,
with the climax of the week being two full days on Saturday and Sunday.

The 30th of April turned out to be a really busy day at Clayton Hall.
We had lots of visitors, as you can see from the photos below,
plus a group of students from nearby Beswick Academy.

It was lovely to see you all

A very sunny day

As usual, our thanks to everyone who came to Clayton Hall today, it was lovely to see you all.

Just when we think it can't get any better at Clayton Hall, it does.

We get more and more visitors every month and they come from far and wide.  Lots of our new visitors
are made aware of Clayton Hall because of the tram stop named after 'her'.  I think todays long
distance winner will probably be the gentleman who came all the way from London.

Our next open afternoon will be on the 18th May.

Another Away day


The Friends of Clayton Park get to go to the most interesting places.

We have been dipping into Clayton Hall's past.
If you are interested in researching social history and would like to join our group of volunteers
we would love to hear from you.  Contact us at info@friendsofclaytonpark.org.uk or come along
to our next open day on Saturday 20th April from 1pm till 4pm and speak to one of our members.


16th March 2013

Another really nice afternoon at Clayton Hall with lots of new visitors as well as some of our old friends.
Thank you so much for coming and for your kind donations, we really appreciate your support.
Hope you like the photos below, copies of individual photos can be obtained for a small donation
 to the Clayton Hall project.  Please contact us in the usual way.


9th March 

Today saw an amazing turn out for our moat clean up.
Approximately, (and it is only an approximate figure as the attendance record got a little bit
wet and muddy and isn't very clear), 50 to 60 people of all ages, came along to help out.

We would like to say a HUGE thank you to all those who
gave their time and effort to help improve the Park. 

Among the workers we had beavers, cubs and scouts from the 2/230th Manchester scout troupe,
our neighbourhood PCSO's, a young mens group, local family's and friends.
Neighbourhood delivery officer Richard from Debdale Park, was there to keep us
all on the straight and narrow and take away the rubbish at the end of the morning.
And to finish off we all had a bowl of delicious hot soup, curtesy of soup makers Alma, Kay and Pauline.

Well done everyone, once again we are deeply moved by your wonderful support.


5th March 2013
















Saturday workday at Clayton Hall - 29th April 2012

Never let it be said that being a Friend of Clayton Park is uneventful,
we did get down to some serious cleaning and cataloging in the afternoon.
Note to selves:  buy the right size trousers in the first place next time.
Hats off to those brave people who do this sort of thing for a living, in shop windows!

Come and say hello to 'Edward' at our next open afternoon on

Saturday 19th May from 1pm till 4pm.

Monday 23rd April 2012

Manchester University student volunteers

A group of 14 young people with their leader Freya came along today to volunteer their time in Clayton Park.

They split into groups, two groups prepared the ground for wild flower areas and a third made habitat piles.

After sowing the wild flower seeds they all cut the edges on the flower beds in Clayton Hall garden

And to finish off the day they cleared the ramp into the moat, scraped moss off paths,  
and did a quick litter pick in the Park.  Phew!!

Still smiling after a really back breaking day.
Thank you so much for all your hard work, special thanks to Freya
and also to Chris our Community Delivery officer.

Proof, once again, that young people are really


if we had only half of their energy just think what we could achieve.


David painted a wonderful picture of Clayton Hall and presented us with this print to put on display.

Thank you so much David, we will treasure it.  

You can buy copies of the picture in our gift shop and David will be
holding an exhibition of his work at Clayton Hall later in the year.

Are you a budding artist or photographer, do you make amazing crafty things?
Would you like to exhibit your work at one of our open afternoons?
Email us on info@friendsofclaytonpark.org.uk or leave a message on our Guest book.

Our next open afternoon will be on Saturday 19th May


Clayton Moat Big Clean Up

WOW! WOW! WOW! a thousand times WOW!

What a turn out, you are FANTASTIC

Here's Alison up the side of the moat raking all the litter down to make it easier to pick up.
This is just a very small part of the hill, the whole moat was in an equally disgusting state.

Rachel, Anna, Alison, Chris and Sue.

Ben has already made a massive difference in this area.

Councillors Mike Carmody (above) and Jim Battle (below) came along to help. 

Nearly finished

The Ferguson family paused for a moment to pose for a photo before the final push.

Just a few of the team at the end of the morning

Rub a dub dub, well it was a wheelbarrow not a tub but I couldn't resist such happy smiling faces. 

A well deserved lunch with delicious soup
and cakes courtesy of Sue, one of our lovely visitors.

Thank you all so much, as usual we were overwelmed by your amazing support.  
Check out Clayton Halls Facebook page to see more photos.


Here is Richard who can't make it to next weeks Big Clean up in the moat
so came along today instead.  He worked for three hours collecting rubbish 
and offered to help with the garden and moat in the future.
Thank you Richard, we really appreciate your help and your kind offer.

As usual, our thanks to all who popped in to see us and have a chat,
for your encouraging words and generous donations, but mostly,
thank you, just for being YOU!

Please come along to help at our 

Big Moat Clean Up
 next Saturday, 24th March from 10am till 12noon


English is easy.

One of the many really nice people we met at last week’s Manchester
Histories Festival was the Revd. Bernard R. Elsdon from Hazel Grove.
During our conversation he asked about the pronunciation of Chetham, as in Humphrey Chetham 
and I explained that even the Chetham Library and Chetham School of Music pronounce it differently.
We then had a discussion about the absurdity of the English Language
and he told me of the following poem which he kindly sent for us all to share. 
Hope you get a giggle from of it, as I did.

We begin with a fox, the plural is foxes
but the plural of ox is oxen, not oxes.
One fowl is a goose, more are called geese,
yet more than one moose are never called meese.
One may see a lone mouse or a nest full of mice
but the plural of house is houses, not hice.
If more than one man is referred to as men,
surely more than one pan ought to be pen?
If I speak of a foot and you show me two feet
When I give you a book would two be two beek?
If one is a tooth and several are teeth
really two booths should be called beeth.
If the singular is this and the plural is these,
when I give you a kiss would you give me several kese?
You speak of a brother and also of brethren
but ’though you say mother, you never say methren,
The masculine pronouns are he, his and him,
but imagine the feminine – she, shis and shim!
Oh, yes, English is easy the way it is spoken,
but I’m having problems getting it properly wroten.

Thank you for adding a smile to our day Revd. Elsdon, hope to see you again soon.

Saturday 3rd March 2012
Manchester Histories Festival

What a very good day, meeting lots of people at the Town Hall.
We went along armed with photo's and lots and lots of leaflets to promote Clayton Hall 

Obviously we were in costume, not ones to miss an opportunity to look silly.
We did raise a few eyebrows when we got out of the taxi at Albert Square,
think the driver was a little perplexed as well.

Shirley and Sue, with Kay networking in the backgroud,
The very nice policemen did say that accosting the public should have been a punishable offence.
Luckily he would have been in trouble if it were known he had been consorting with
serving wenches so he let us off with a caution, this time.

Pauline looking a little pooped later in the day, all this talking really takes it out of you.

Thanks to Cllr. Jim Battle for these last three photo's







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