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Clayton Park Memories

 Do you have memories or photo's of Clayton Hall, Clayton Park or the Clayton area
that you would like to share.  email us at info@friendsofclaytonpark.org.uk



Thank you to Arthur Booth who emailed the picture above, painted by Brian Fitzpatrick in 1991.
Brian was born and lived in Clayton all his life.


Lots of photo's and info recieved about Ravensbury boys school in the 1960's.
Are you in any of the photo's below? 

Do you know these staff members, can you give us names?

Obviously a winning team, who are they and what year was this?

Lots more to look at in the memories room at Clayton Hall, come along to an open afternoon
on the 1st or 3rd Saturday of each month and help us to piece the story together.

Photos below recieved from Mavis Pendleton

Mam and Colin in Clayton Park

Colin and Susan, also in Clayton Park
Lovely photo's Mavis, thank you for sharing them.

The photo's below are of the White family who lived at Clayton Hall from 1974 til 1978

Patricia and Ian married in September 1974 and moved into the Hall.

Patricia came along to our May open afternoon and kindly brought photo's and written memeories.

Thank you Patricia.

We have now started a Clayton Hall tenants folder which will be on show in our memories room each open day.
  We are slowly building up a picture history of the families who lived here but there are lots of gaps.
Did you live at the Hall in the 1940's, 50's, or 60's.  Patricia tells of a Mr. and Mrs. Menses who were here in the early 60's.
If you have any information please contact us at info@friendsofclaytonpark.org.uk.

The following photo's are of John and Gordon Clarke who lived at Clayton Hall in the early 1930's

the brothers used to ride these bikes around what is now our classroom/meeting room.

The motor bike belonged to one of the gardeners who is just in shot.
John and Gordon left the Hall in 1935/6 when thier Father got the job of Parks Superintendent at Middleton.

John came to visit Clayton Hall on our May open day.  
It was lovely to meet you John, our thanks to both you and Gordon for sharing these memories with us all. 


Thomas Kenny brought us this photograph of himself and his younger brother Philip,
taken in Clayton Hall garden around 1950.

The Kenny family lived in one of the houses on Ashton New Road facing Clayton Park.

The Ellis Family - early 1980's

Paul kindly allowed us to use the following photo's of his family
taken during the time they lived at Clayton Hall. 

Paul came along to our January open afternoon and posed for the photo above.
There have been quite a few changes in the dining room since
he had his photo taken with his friend in front of the fireplace.
Thank you to the Ellis family for sharing these photos,
there are more for you to see in the memories room at the Hall.


Lisa wanted to share this memory with us all

Clayton Hall was a big draw for me in the 1950’s. The moat was filled with
water and ducks then and you could hire a boat to row around the moat.
My adventure started the minute I heard my footsteps on those cobbles
over the bridge!   There was a beautiful rose garden with a regular gardener
who often told me off for wandering around - little did he know that all I
wanted to do was look.  My goal was to get inside the house - goodness
what a draw that house was.  If I remember correctly, the front door was
near the mounting block and I went into a hallway then into a room on the
left-hand side. The windows which looked out onto the front had wooden
shutters which were held closed by a brass clip. When you pulled the
shutters closed, behind the shutters on the wall there were hidden
cupboards (my mischievous little fingers soon discovered them!).  Inside
those narrow cupboards were old games, like playing cards and ludo,
and no-one would have known they were there. There was dust and
cobwebs inside so I guess they'd been there for years. Clayton Hall
certainly was the best and biggest draw for me in those days....and still
is.   When I was reunited with some old school friends a few years ago,
we came to Clayton Park to look at the Hall and the playground where we
had many adventures and it was as magical then as it is now.
I shall look forward to seeing it again.

Thank you Lisa we look forward to your visit.


Irene Ellis and her sons John and David 

Irene has lived in Powell St.,Clayton, all her life.


The Wilson family memories of Clayton

Gladys Wilson was our Grandmother, she had nine children, Gladys, Reginald, Lillian, May,
Josephine, William, Ellen, Violet and Albert. Gladys lived at number 7 North Road.

Below you will find a taste of Carole’s memory file,
which can be viewed in the Memories room at Clayton Hall.

I came to visit the Park in June 2010 with my brother Alan and to our
surprise we got to Clayton Hall and found some lovely volunteers
working away and they kindly showed us round the Hall.

Our thanks to Carole and Alan, it was lovely to meet you
and lovely to receive this moving glimps into your childhood.

The photo below was given to us at our open afternoon in August 2010,
Thank you.

Wording:  1937 Old Men's outings - Clayton Old Hall Old Men's Association
had their 8th annual outing in July when they went to Morecombe.
The oldest member of the party was Mr. W. Howarth, aged 82 years.
The officials were:  President Mr. W.H. FLanagan,
vice president Mr. T.H. Hewlett,
Secretary Mr. W.G. Munro and
Chairman Mr. J.J. McKenna.

Thanks to Pat from Chadderton who kindly sent us the photos
below, of herself with her Mum Elsie and brother Andrew,
taken in Clayton Hall garden in 1958 after St. Cross whit walks.

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